It’s Pancake Day, you guys, — which gives us an excuse to eat breakfast food all day! (Real talk: we didn’t need the excuse but it’s nice to have one anyway.) Breakfast, brunch and brinner? Yes, please! Just pancake it up. Here is just a sampling of our fave, crazy delicious pancakes to try today! Try ’em all, why not? No day but today.

If you just love, love, love fruit.

Sweet, sour or tart, whatever fruit is your jam, there’s a pancake out there for you! We hyper-rec these refreshing Meyer Lemon pancakes if citrus is your thing!

For other fruity pancakes, opt for the traditional blueberry or banana. There’s even watermelon. Not too shabby.

If you’re a pumpkin spice lover.

If you are a sucker for pumpkin carving, crisp fall air, and sweater weather, we’ve got you with these Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll pancakes!

For other pancakes with a cinnamon twist, let’s opt for: Snickerdoodle or Cinnamon Sweet Potato.

Cake die-hards, I feel you.

It actually doesn’t need to be your birthday to indulge in Confetti Cake pancakes! You are a grown person and you should be able to have confetti cake pancakes whenever you feel like it. So enjoy.

For other pancakes with an extra dash of cake, try: Red Velvet or Carrot Cake.

For the chocaholic in all of us.

Trust me, I understand what it means to be chocolate-obsessed and pancakes are one of the best ways to feed your addiction. Just look at these S’more pancakes!

For other chocolate-y pancakes, try: Nutella or Oreo.

For a midnight snack.

If you’d like to have your pancakes and drink them too, you should try these actually insane-o Coconut and Rum Sauce pancakes, oh my!

For other drinkable pancakes, try: Beer or Earl Grey.

If you’re a health nut.

If you are powered by super foods, there are still plenty of pancakes for you! Check out this Peachy Quinoa pancake recipe!

For other healthy pancakes, try: Mango Chia and two-ingredient, gluten-free Egg and Banana.

Because shapes are fun for everyone.

If you love animal shaped or holiday themed pancakes — but aren’t an artist — you can use an old ketchup bottle to squeeze out batter into fun shapes! Life hacks.

For other designs, try making pancakes with cookie cutters!

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