Alyssa Thorne
Updated April 06, 2017

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to be jealous of her, Outback Steakhouse flew out a chef to teach Chrissy Teigen how to make a Bloomin’ Onion. As in Outback’s infamous Bloomin’ Onion. As we all know, Bloomin’ Onions are basically the perfect appetizer. Chrissy Teigen also shares this opinion (read: fact) and so recently tweeted looking for tips as to how to make this perfect snack for herself.

But since she’s Chrissy Teigen, and not a peasant like us, Outback Steakhouse actually responded.

Chrissy and Outback coordinated via DMs, but then Outback flew out some chefs to teach her how to make the bloomin’ onion in the comfort of her own home. LITERALLY the dream.


Unfortunately, making a Bloomin’ Onion turned out to be too taxing for Chrissy. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry on her behalf for all the deliciously perfectly crisp onion she missed out on.

Luckily, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s marriage continues to be perfect and John Legend learned how to make the bloomin’ onion.

Honestly, having your own personal Bloomin’ Onion chef (who also happens to be John Legend, nbd) might be better than knowing how to make it yourself, anyway…But if nothing else, we’re happy to see that Chrissy and the Outback’s love affair was totally real, and that Outback proved their dedication by helping her out with this crucial skill.