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Okay, so everybody is obsessed with Oreos right? And chocolate bars? For good reason, we might add. Well, get ready to lose it over this announcement!

Because Oreo launched two new candy bars. Oh YES they did, and you read that correctly. CANDY BARS!

This news is even more mouth watering than their newest cookie flavor and the time we found out about Oreo flavor hacks to revolutionize our snack life! It should also ease the pain about Toblerone changing the shape of their iconic chocolate bar.

So, this is a collaboration with the European chocolate brand Milka, and the flavors are super bold:

Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar!

Credit: Milka

Aaaaaaaaaaand Milka Oreo Big Chocolate Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar (with crunchy oreos and vanilla creme filling)!

Credit: Milka

As in, a whole lotta yummy chocolate and cookies for the chocoholic in you.

Both of the bars mix Oreo pieces with smooth Milka chocolate and vanilla creme, and Oreo know exactly what they’re doing with this marriage. Here’s what they said in their statement:

Here’s the next piece of good news: Oreo candy bars can be in our mouths as early as November 14th! There’s a limited release, but these delights will be widely available until January 2017.

Soooooo basically, OUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT AND YOURS! Thank you Oreo and Milka for making dreams come true.

H/T Cosmo