In news that can officially be filed under “best thing ever,” Oreo just unveiled three new flavors…and they were decided by fans. That’s right — in an Oreo-lovers-call-to-action, the company asked the general public to suggest which new flavors they’d most like to see on shelves, and then actually made the best three. And the new flavors are (drumroll, please…):

Cherry Cola Oreos, Kettle Corn Oreos, and Pina Colada Oreo Thins.

However, the new flavors are not all permanent. They’ll hit shelves in May 2018, at which point consumers will get to try them out and vote on which flavor will become a permanent member of the Oreo family (the company says the vote will likely take place in the summer of next year).

And if you can’t wait until May for the latest flavors, rest assured that you’ll be able to try two other new flavors in a few short weeks. There’s a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor coming after the New Year (think, Nutella), and also a Red-Hots-esque flavor called Spicy Hot Cinnamon debuting January 1st.

Not into all the newfangled Oreo styles? Not to worry. You can always (and we mean always) go grab a box of the traditional, aka OG, Oreo — or double-stuffed of course. We’d never hold it against you.