Extra Crispy
Updated Sep 23, 2017 @ 9:30 am
Credit: The Impulsive Buy

On some truly indulgent snow days growing up, I remember being given both a mug of hot cocoa and a small stack of Oreo cookies after coming in from the cold. I would thaw my fingers around the mug, and then—when they were back to normal—stick an Oreo in the hot chocolate. The heat from the drink softened the cream inside, and little chocolate wafer granules floated on the surface of the cocoa. It was a perfect combination. It’s possible that the only thing that’s better than Oreos and milk is Oreos and hot chocolate milk.

According to The Impulsive Buy, earlier this week someone named Robbie spotted Oreo Hot Cocoa mix at Walmart, but it isn’t widely available yet. As Delish points out, this isn’t an entirely new creation: both Dunkin’ Donuts and 7-Eleven have offered Oreo hot chocolate as a limited edition flavor around the holidays. But as far as I know, this would be a first for Nabisco itself to produce an Oreo-flavored hot chocolate beverage.

In a twist, The Impulsive Buy also suggests that hot cocoa-flavored Oreos could be in the works, too, and may be in stores next month. (According to reports from Delish, the frosting will be marshmallow flavored.)

Just imagine that experience: You could soon be dipping hot chocolate Oreos in Oreo hot chocolate. Meta.