Rachel Paige
May 12, 2015 6:41 am

Olive Garden’s Holy Trinity consists of soup, salad, and breadsticks. While you might love one of those things more than the others, you’ve gotta admit their breadsticks are pretty darn good. They’re so good, you’ve probably smuggled some out of an Olive Garden in your purse (it’s OK, we’ve all done it). Well now, those delicious breadsticks won’t just be brought to the table as a pre-meal snack. Olive Garden has made those delectable breadsticks a bonafide part of the meal.

How so? Well think about how delicious those chicken parmigiana sandwiches at Olive Garden are. And now think about eating a chicken parmigiana sandwich hugged by breadsticks instead of a roll. If this is your Olive Garden dream, it’s coming true.

Staring June 1st, you’ll be able to order that chicken parm or a meatball sandwich and in place of a boring bulky roll will be Olive Garden’s trademark breadsticks. According to Justin Sikora, a representative from Darden the parent company behind Olive Garden, the sandwich breadsticks won’t be long and narrow like the current variety, but rather shorter and wider to accommodate stuffing them with meat and cheese on. Yummmmmmmmm.

Does thinking about this make you hungry? Olive Garden has already released images of the breadstick sandwiches so now you’re going to be HANGRY. Want. That. Now.

And for those wondering, YES, unlimited breadsticks will still be provided before all of these sandwiches. Prepare for Olive Garden breadstick overload — and that’s a good thing.

Images via here.