Jill Layton
January 10, 2017 2:04 pm
georgiastait / www.instagram.com

It’s never too early to start celebrating Easter, right? At least not when it comes to delicious Cadbury eggs. Why are we bringing this up, you ask? Well, Oreo Cadbury eggs have been spotted in Canada, which is great and beautiful and is worthy of discussion. Because Oreos + Cadbury = 😃.

What do Oreo Cadbury eggs actually entail, you might be wondering, but can probably figure out on your own? Answer: It’s a typical Cadbury chocolate egg filled with Oreo cream with a healthy dose of Oreo pieces dispersed throughout. And by healthy, we mean sugar-filled and not at all healthy — but delicious nonetheless.

Mashable noted that the candy has been available since last year, but is just now gaining popularity thanks to an Instagram post by JunkBanter, which has been liked over 10,000 times. Clearly humans know good candy when they see it on social media.

Some of the packaging even includes a spoon for your complete convenience.

Miniature Oreo Cadbury eggs are available in the UK, while the full size eggs are available in Canada.

The U.S., on the other hand, gets none of it — at least not yet. Perhaps as the Oreo-infused eggs pick up momentum, Cadbury will have no choice but to supply the U.S. with as many eggs as we need. (That’s how supply and demand works, right?)

Let’s just speed up that process. Cadbury, we need Oreo eggs. For the love of all things delicious, please make them available in the U.S..