Channing Sargent
January 28, 2017 12:06 pm

Take the two things that got you through freshman year, put them together, and what do you get? Nutella pizza!

Seriously. Nutella pizza is a thing.

Some legit pizza places actually serve the wondrous blend of your favorite comfort foods, like Pellicola Pizzeria in Downtown Los Angeles, where maybe this crazy delicious trend began?

Wait, no…credit where credit is due: our college dorm room.

Regardless, recipes for the delectable madness abound on the Internet.


One search for #nutellapizza on Instagram will make you very, very hungry.

With strawberries and bananas.

Is that fig?! And mint?!

Now they’re just showing off.

Marshmallow?! Oh, COME ON.

Powdered sugar sure is pretty.

Who’s gonna eat those last two slices?

Now they’re just being crazy.

Nutella and Twix with ice cream. That’s Reasonable.

Of course, we’d be awful people if we showed you all that amazing goodness without giving you a recipe. Obviously if you’re going for nutella pizza you are looking for maximum food and minimum effort, so we adore this easy-as-pie recipe from

Just saying, you better save us some.