Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 05, 2015 @ 4:12 pm
nutella donut milkshake

Have you ever encountered a food that is just so good and magical it changes your world for the better? Well, we haven’t gotten our hands on these Nutella and donut milkshakes yet, but from just looking at the pictures, our world has been rocked.

Foodcraft Espresso Café in Sydney, Australia has taken two of the best ingredients in the world — Nutella and donuts, duh — and combined them together in one glorious concoction. Their Tella Ball milkshake is just that. It’s a Nutella milkshake, which sounds delicious on its own, and its topped off with a donut. Because, why not? Because why not have your Nutella milkshake and donut, too?

According to The Daily Telegraph, the idea to combine these two magical things together on a whim. Foodcraft Espresso’s owners, Aki Daikos and Simon Kappatos, thought that bringing two of their most popular items together would be a bit hit, and they were right. They were already making Nutella filled donuts. They were already making Nutella milkshakes. Sometimes, things in life just make sense.

Here are the Nutella donut balls:

And here are the Nutella donut balls sitting pretty on top of a Nutella milkshake:

If Nutella’s not your thing, though, you can order a milkshake in a different flavor: salted caramel, vanilla bean and ricotta, and strawberry jam. How about just ordering ALL the milkshakes?

Only downside is that we do have to get on a plane and fly to Sydney for these. But these milkshakes will be worth the trip.

(Images via Instagram)