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Updated Feb 02, 2018 @ 5:17 pm
Credit: Crepes of Wrath

As everyone knows, the 2018 Super Bowl is definitely not just about who wins or loses the big game: It’s about the commercials, the always epic halftime show, and, of course, the food. If there’s one night a year when you can binge on unhealthy snacks and appetizers with absolutely no judgement from anybody, it’s the Super Bowl (not that you can’t eat whatever you want, whenever you want!) — and we’re so here for that! What we’re not really here for is the time it can take to make some appetizers for a party. Why not pick something easier and faster, like no-bake Super Bowl finger foods? They exist, they’re delicious, and they won’t take up your entire Sunday morning.

Below are a whole bunch of Super Bowl finger food ideas that don’t require a lot of cooking prep work, and that don’t need to sit in the oven for an hour. No-bake options tend to be much less work and a lot less time-consuming… but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on flavor. The below recipes are a mix of party classics that everyone will love as well as more unique ideas that will impress even the pickiest of guests. Whether you’re throwing your own Super Bowl party or just attending one, you can’t go wrong with a good finger food dish: It’s easy for people to nosh on, which is really ideal for watching a football game. There’s no need for fancy football themed dishes when you’ve got these! Check out these no-bake Super Bowl finger food recipes and enjoy the game — even if you’re just there for Justin Timberlake.

1. Chipotle Cheddar Avocado Rollups

Credit: Averie Cooks

You can’t go wrong with a little sandwich as an appetizer option, and these rollups have something for everyone. Made with an easy creamy avocado spread, cheddar cheese, and some seasonings, they’re packed with flavor and really easy to put together. See the full recipe here on Averie Cooks.

2. Spicy Taco Cheese Ball

Credit: My Baking Addiction

Say what you will about cheese balls, but they are always a crowd-pleaser. This one is made with jalapeño cream cheese and taco seasoning for a spicy kick to make things interesting. Just add some store-brought crackers and you’re good to go. See full recipe here on My Baking Addiction.

3. Pickle Caprese Salad Kebabs

Credit: The Crepes Of Wrath

Yes, Super Bowl food is often deep-fried and full of cheese, but that doesn’t mean everything you make has to be that way. These caprese kebabs get a unique spin with pickles. They’re really simple to put together and will be gone in a flash. See full recipe here from The Crepes of Wrath.

4. Sriracha Pimento Cheese Spread

Credit: Budget Bytes

Chips and dip are a common Super Bowl appetizer, but the same options (while delicious) can get boring after a while. This sriracha dip is full of flavor and spices, and will definitely be something different. See full recipe here from Budget Bytes.

5. Turkey Club Pinwheels

Credit: The Crepes Of Wrath

These cute little pinwheels are made up of cold cut meats, so no cooking is involved. There’s bacon in there, but you could always buy pre-cooked bacon that won’t require you to do much work. See full recipe here from The Crepes of Wrath.

6. Spicy Guacamole

Credit: My Baking Addiction

It’s basically a law that you can’t watch the Super Bowl without chips and guacamole. This recipe is simple to follow and adds a little extra spice for more of a kick. See full recipe here from My Baking Addiction.

7. Serrano and Corn Salsa

Credit: Love and Lemons

Homemade salsa is always, always better than the store-brought version, and it’s really not even difficult to make. This corn salsa mixes with limes and jalapenos for a fresh, spicy taste everyone will love. See full recipe here from Love And Lemons.

8. Loaded Ranch Dip

Credit: Dessert Now Dinner Later

You can’t go wrong when making a ranch dip, really. This one includes cheese green onions, and some bacon (buy pre-cooked so it’s easier!) to really give it a ton of flavor. See full recipe here from Dessert Now Dinner Later.

9. Seven Layer Dip

Credit: Dessert Now Dinner Later

Ah, the seven layer dip. It’s a Super Bowl party classic, and it’s never a bad idea to make or bring. It includes everything everyone loves (salsa! Guac! Cheese!) and is very simple to make. See full recipe here on Dessert Now Dinner Later.

10. Cheese Plate

Credit: The Crepes Of Wrath

If you don’t like to cook and don’t even trust yourself to make a dip the right way, why not put together a really good cheese platter? Everyone loves cheese! You can add some meat, some dried fruits, and some purchased spreads. See all the ideas here on The Crepes of Wrath.

11. Five Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Rollups

Credit: Cooking For Keeps

These buffalo chicken rollups will be tasty enough to impress every guest, but they’re also really simple. The key is buying rotisserie chicken that is already cooked so you don’t have to do much work. See full recipe here on Cooking For Keeps.

12. Fresh Black Bean Salad

Credit: Cookie and Kate

A salad might not seem like your first option for a Super Bowl party, but this one is almost more like a chunky salsa. Made with black beans, canned corn, cilantro, tomatoes, and jalapeños, among other things, it’s packed with fresh flavors. See full recipe here.

13. Greek Bruschetta

Credit: Cookie and Kate

Bruschetta is always a crowd pleaser, and it’s also really easy to put together. This version has some Greek flavors thanks to the Kalamata olives and oregano. See full recipe here on Cookie And Kate.

14. Antipasto Skewers with Herb Vinaigrette

Credit: A Spicy Perspective

Who doesn’t love antipasto? These kebabs make it super easy to eat as a finger food, and they also look really cute. Bonus: they’re so simple to put together. See full recipe here.

Happy Super Bowl day!