Rachel Sanoff
Updated October 10, 2016 4:01 pm

Close your eyes and imagine your youth. Is this what you envisioned?

Nickelodeon / giphy.com

Nickelodeon and its neon green slime-infused programming was undoubtedly a cornerstone of all of our childhoods, from You Can’t Do That On Television, to Slime Time Live, to Figure It Out, etc.

Amanda Rettke, the genius chef behind the @IAmBaker Instagram account, dreamed up this buttercream cake with vanilla lime frosting. You can find the full recipe here, and whipping up the playful and delicious dessert seems pretty easy — even if you struggle a bit in the kitchen. Most of the magic is done with vanilla pudding and food coloring.

IAmBaker / iambaker.net

While it is most definitely Nickelodeon-themed, Rettke says she baked it specifically with Halloween in mind — but we think ’90s babies should probably eat this cake year round.