To be honest, we’ve never met a gelato we haven’t liked. But these 4 new flavors of Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto might just be our new best friends. And we’re certainly going to stock up on them for our next garden party. According to PR Newswire, these new flavors stay true to the U.S.’s best-selling gelato company’s commitment to constantly releasing new handcrafted flavors.

When creating their gelato and sorbetto flavors, Talenti prides itself on using the best of the best ingredients. That means pure cane sugar, real milk, and globally sourced ingredients to perfect each and every flavor. Holy hella yummy!

Let’s get to the good stuff and delve into what these new 2017 flavors entail.

First up is Talenti’s Cinnamon Peach Biscuit Gelato. It’s made with cinnamon-stick infused cinnamon sugar gelato, swirled with peach butter and topped off with cookie pieces.

Credit: Talenti

Fun fact: For this flavor, Talenti chefs steep cinnamon sticks in the milk and cream used to make their gelato. We’ll take five scoops, please!

Next, we have Vanilla Chai Gelato for all you chai tea lovers out there. It’s like Talenti steeped black tea leaves and chai spices into a super creamy gelato.

Credit: Talenti

And you know Talenti cares deeply about their product because the company tried 25 different kinds of Chai before crafting this combination. Is there somewhere we can apply to be a Talenti Chai taster?

Talenti’s Vanilla Blueberry Crumble Gelato combines thick blueberry sauce, real blueberries, brown sugar oat cluster, and vanilla gelato (made with Madagascar vanilla beans) to create the perfect blueberry-fanatic’s dessert.

Credit: Talenti

This isn’t your grandma’s blueberry crumble. That’s for DARN sure!

Can’t do dairy? Not a problem! Talenti just released a dairy-free Peanut Butter Fudge Sorbetto. If you’re a fan of peanut butter, then this decadent sorbetto made with 30% real peanut butter is right up your alley.

Credit: Talenti

And there’s fudge involved! You just can’t say no to fudge!

After you’re done trying these new flavors, we recommend cycling through the entire list of 40 flavors Talenti has to offer. Check your local grocery store for flavors new and old, and make sure to pick up enough to share with friends. Because if your friends have eyes, they are not going to be able to resist stealing some gelato/sorbetto for themselves!