This new Chips Ahoy! flavor is blowing our minds

We live in a truly magical time. We can stay connected to people on the other side of the country – of the world, even – at the click of a button. Technology evolves faster than people do, and in the next year we might even be able to own our own pairs self-tying shoes a la Back to the Future. It can’t get any better than that.

Wrong. So wrong.

Chips Ahoy! has taken a bold step into the future of at-home dessert. The company created a chocolate chip cookie that is filled with fudge, covered with marshmallows, and gets gooey when microwaved. Bloggers from every corner of the Internet are already raving about the cookie’s “creamy” filling, promising that once you, “dunk this bad boy into a glass of milk … it’s game over.” Drooling yet?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce, the Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy!


Nabisco has some other enticing Chips Ahoy! flavors on the (super) market right now, including Chewy Fudge Filled, Chew Oreo Crème Filled, and Chewy BIRTHDAY FROSTING Filled. Cookie game, on fleek.

The Hot Cocoa cookies will be available starting Monday, November 2, but are limited edition. This means they might only be on shelves for six to eight weeks, or until they sell out. Which they probably will. Because they are cookies filled with fudge.

You walking out of the store tomorrow, amirite?


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(Images via here, Nabisco, here, here, and here.)