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There’s nothing like waking up to the sweet smell of coffee in the morning. Usually, if there’s new craze with the hot–brewed beverage, we’re totally on board without even thinking twice. However, we’re very confused about this new artisan cannabis coffee trend.

When you think about it, coffee is already pretty mind-altering, in that it helps us stay away and keep sharp.

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According to the Daily Camera, two Boulder County start–ups are creating an interesting beverage by infusing coffee beans with marijuana.

The first approach, created by Louisville–based Native Jack, is concocting a cold brew. It’s a Thai style drink that has spice, condensed milk and cannabis. The second approach to this new trend is by SteepFuze. They’re infusing coffee beans, having them roasted by Unseen Bean founder Gerry Leary and they’re selling them by the pound.

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While artisan cannabis coffee sounds like a weird drink, it might actually be good for your health in many ways.

Even though coffee is a magical drink that shouldn’t be messed with too much, this new cannabis coffee could calm down your morning nervous, help get rid of headaches and lower your anxiety (which is good since we already know that caffeine can easily make us jittery).

Eater explains that “both products are infused with the non–psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD),” so the only effect you’ll have by drinking the cannabis coffee is less anxiety.

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While speaking to Daily Camera, Native Jack founder Jason Walsh admitted that his beverage has helped him get rid of headaches.

“You can maintain a level of caffeine focus but CBD turns down the noise a little bit,” he said. “I used to get a caffeine headache during the day, but because of CBD’s anti–inflammatory properties, I never get that.”

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Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop and being able to order a hot–brewed cup of marijuana mixed with coffee beans. For these entrepreneurs, they’re hopeful and excited to see how their product sells.