Karen Belz
Updated June 09, 2016 8:44 am

If you’re over 21, heading out to a party, and want to bring some liquor — but not tote around a whole bottle — have we found the product for you. Meet the iFlask, a flask (and beer bottle opener!) that looks just like a regular smartphone. Never before has carrying alcohol been so classy before. Plus, it’s perfect if you don’t want to share. (And let’s be honest — if you’re not hosting the party, you shouldn’t be forced to share.)

Another benefit of flasks? They allow you to have a little more control over what you’re pouring, and if you drink liquor straight, you don’t have to worry about someone else messing with your drink when you’re not looking (because that is NEVER OKAY). Your drink will be right in your pocket the entire night, like a phone. And if you’re abstaining from drinking, but tired of friends trying to grab you a bunch of questionable plastic cups filled with jungle juice from the kitchen, you can also pat on your flask filled with water and say, “I’m good.” Or if you just want an iFlask just for fun, whether you wanna drink alcohol or not, that’s totally cool, too — because they look AWESOME.


This flask is definitely a conversation starter, and likely to freak someone out when they see you pouring it out. In fact, they might grab a handful of rice, or try booking you an appointment with an Apple Genius to try and save your precious lifeline from obvious water damage before getting too close to it.

Also — holding up to 5 oz. of beverage, this lightweight, non-toxic plastic flask would make for a great party gag. You can snag yours on goiflask.com for $29.95. The company also sells a collapsible keychain shot glass, which would be a fun side-gag gift (or, perhaps kind of helpful if you’ve had a really tough week). Just remember, drink out of your smartphones responsibly.