Credit: Sprinkle of Green

Mid-August is an important time in Italy, because there’s a religious holiday called Ferragosto on August 15th. In the U.S., we have a (slightly less holy) holiday, National Prosecco Day, on August 13th, which is actually very appropriate considering prosecco is a sparkling Italian white wine.

There are many ways to celebrate this special day, whether it be with a round of prosecco pong or by adding rose gold glitter to your beverage to make it look as shimmery as you wish your highlighter made your cheeks. There are also tons of cocktail recipes for this holiday that will really make you feel like you’re living la dolce vita.

If you’re ready to get bubbly, here are some simple prosecco cocktails you can make at home.

1 Paloma Mimosas

This is an extremely budget-friendly cocktail and it’s pretty. Can’t go wrong with that! Get the recipe here.

2 G & Fizz

This is like a gin and tonic but with exciting added ingredients, such as cucumber and elderflower. With those added to the fizziness, it’s a super fresh drink. Learn how to make it here.

3 Blueberry Mojito Royale

If you’re a rum drinker, this is a great drink for you. Plus, blueberries are in season right now so it’s a great time of year for this drink. Find the how-to here.

4 Lavender Lemonade Prosecco

Happiness is Homemade includes instructions for making a fun, sparkly glass to drink this cocktail in, too.

5 Pineapple Mint Prosecco Punch

Talk about the perfect summer drink. This recipe includes pineapple juice, orange juice, and lemon. It’s a tropical citrus delight. Learn how to make this here.

6 Strawberry Thyme Prosecco

This is a very Italian drink, as it calls for another Italian beverage: Limoncello. Moltissimo! Get the recipe here.

7 Ginger Strawberry Bellini

Ginger lovers, this one’s for you! Find out how to make this cocktail here.

8 Prosecco & Tequila Watermelon Cocktails

If you have a blender, this is an amazing summer libation that you should definitely make today in honor of our special summer holiday. Get the recipe here.

Happy National Prosecco Day!

And happy drinking. We wish you a bubbly, safe night.