Kit Steinkellner
July 19, 2015 9:03 am

Happy National Ice Cream Day, everybody! In honor of summer’s favorite sweet treat, tons of our favorite ice cream stores are giving away free scoops! Without further ado, let’s run down what the deals are at the biggest stores so you can run out the door and go get your fix on this most glorious of national holidays (thanks to the Penny Hoarder and ABC13 for the hot tips)!


Buy one single-scoop dish or come for $1.99 and get one free from 11 a.m. until closing time.


Carvel is doing a buy-one-get-one free on cups and cones with soft-serve, the offer is good for any size.

Baskin Robbins

Here’s the deal, it’s not just National Ice Cream DAY it’s also National Ice Cream MONTH, and Baskin Robbins is celebrating these glorious 31 days by offering a free waffle cone with any double or triple scoop ordered in July. PS. Make sure to mosey back down to BR on July 31st, all sundaes are going to be 31% off to celebrate BR’s 70th b-day

Cold Stone Creamery

If you join the My Cold Stone Club, you’ll be eligible for a buy-one-get-one-free deal for basically all their treats- ice cream, shakes, smoothies, frappés, Cold Stone, you’re beautiful.


If you’re hitting up Six Flags today, the first 200 guests to hit up the Six Below stands will have their double-scoops upgraded to sundaes for free PLUS they’ll get a single scoop sundae.

And if your sweet pup is staring at you from the backseat with huge eyes that say “Hey Mom, where’s MY ice cream?”, we recommend swinging over to a PetSmart PetHotel, where they’ll be offering 4-ounce dog-safe scoops of ice cream from noon to 4 p.m.

Happy ice cream hunting, everybody!


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