Gabriela Herstik
August 07, 2017 4:43 pm

Whether or not you’re Mexican, you’re probably familiar with the country’s delicious concha pastry. The sweet bread dessert is a staple in Latinx households and is beloved by many Latin and non-Latin people alike. Conchas, or pan dulce, can be eaten any time, any day, anywhere — because they’re just that good. And while we already know that, the rest of the world may also know soon, thanks to three Latinx women who started a petition to get the concha its own national holiday.

So get your conchas and coffee ready. This may be a reality sooner than we think.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear your concha pin and eat your conchas, too, then mark your calendar for December 8th.

As for the reason behind the holiday, the petitions says,

With over 1800 of the 2500 signatures already collected, it looks like this goal is not quite as far off as it seems. Beyond celebrating the delicious sweet bread, this day would also be a reminder of the power a community holds when it comes together, for pastries and otherwise.

We’re crossing our fingers that enough people sign this petition, so we can eat an ungodly amount of conchas on December 8th.