national chocolate covered anything day
Credit: Getty Images/andykatz

As if the holiday season isn’t enough of a reason to indulge your sweet tooth, December 16th is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. No one is really sure where this food holiday originates. But if we had to guess, it likely has a tie-in with the holidays, since Christmas and Hanukkah desserts are typically dripping with chocolate.

However, while you could celebrate National Chocolate Covered Anything Day by eating any kind of chocolate sweet, there are a number of savory foods we bet you’ve never thought of to dip in chocolate. So this December 16th, we dare die-hard chocolate lovers to try one of these savory chocolate covered foods we’ve rounded up below. Chocolate corn dogs, anyone?

Chocolate covered potato chips

If you can’t decide whether you’re craving salty or sweet, a crisp potato chip covered in hardened chocolate is always the answer. A plain ridged chip will do the trick, but don’t be afraid to dip your favorite chip flavor (like cheesy Doritos).

Chocolate covered salads

Chocolate salad dressing is a game-changer. It’s not surprising that it goes so well with a field salad that has mozzarella and strawberries in it because, obvs, chocolate + cheese or + fruit are brilliant combos on their own.

Chocolate covered pickles

The combination of sweet chocolate and sour pickles is oddly delightful.

Chocolate covered bacon

Popular at state fairs, chocolate covered bacon combines two food obsessions into one delicious treat. Try it yourself with this recipe from A Taste of Home or pick up a box of pre-made ones, like these Genesee Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips.

Chocolate covered jalapeño peppers

If your love of chocolate comes second only to your passion for spicy foods, may we suggest dining on some chocolate covered peanut butter-stuffed jalapeño peppers? Try making them yourself via this recipe from Slap Dash Mom. (Pro tip: de-seed the peppers before covering in chocolate or your mouth will be on fire later.)

Chocolate covered corn dogs

Chocolate covered corn dogs are the ultimate theme park and state fair snack food. They are the perfect trifecta of fried, chocolate, and eaten on a stick. However, if you can’t make it to a carnival, they’re easy to make at home.