N1CE alcoholic popsicles

There’s nothing better than ice-cold popsicles in the dead of summer. OK, actually, there’s *one* thing better: ice-cold alcoholic popsicles.

A company called N1CE has created something truly brilliant: popsicles that are pretty much portable frozen cocktails. Created by award-winning bartender Jimmy Dymott and DJ Sebastian Ingrosso, the drinks come in recyclable paper squeeze-tubes, and at 5% alcohol volume, they’re pretty much exactly what we need this summer.

“N1CE Cocktail is the result of an epic meeting between a superstar producer and an award-winning bartender,” Dymott and Ingrosso write on the product’s website. “The fusion of creativity gave birth to a revolution in frozen cocktails to refresh your senses wherever you are.”

Currently, the cocktails come in four flavors: pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, and margarita. “[For] the first four N1CE cocktails, we decided to go very classic,” Dymott said in a video.

The frozen cocktails launched in Sweden, Denmark, and Cyprus; in the first three months, the company sold 250,000 popsicles. Now, N1CE is aiming to go worldwide, and they hope to launch in 11 more countries — including the United States, Australia, and Spain — this year.

N1CE has been crowdfunding the frozen cocktails from heaven, and the company has already raised almost $90,000. Here’s hoping we can get these in our freezer ASAP, because nothing says “dream summer” like boozy ice pops.