It may still be February, but we’re already thinking about our favorite summer dessert, ice cream. And Los Angeles is about to get a very sweet treat. Oh, and since we recently find out that eating ice cream for breakfast may improve mental function and brain power, this is a “healthy” treat, too.

Last July, New Yorkers were blessed with the Museum of Ice Cream — and people went crazy for it. In just five days, the museum sold 30,000 tickets.

This year, the West Coast is about to get its own sugar rush thanks to an LA-based outpost. According to Condé Nast Traveler, the new museum location will probably be in either Venice Beach or Santa Monica. It might open as early as next month.

The Museum of Ice Cream is so popular because of its photogenic exhibits.

The candy-colored interior is basically an Instagram playground.

In addition, cone-shaped doodads are literally everywhere you turn.

And there’s the museum’s crowning glory, the sprinkle pool (sadly, the toppings aren’t edible).

That’s right, you can literally take a dip, ice cream style.

Other highlights? Edible helium balloons and taste-bud changing pills that give sour foods a sweet flavor.

If you love frozen treats, you’re going to want to get yourself to this Instagrammable, sugary wonderland ASAP. And if you’re not close enough to either location, you can get your fix in the museum’s online shop — think cone-shaped jewelry, enable pins, and more.

This is one museum we’re sweet on!