Stephanie Hallett
August 18, 2016 1:25 pm
Instagram / @feed_my_belly

This hybrid food item might win the award for weirdest-sounding name, but it also looks like a breakfast-lover’s dream.

Healthier (maybe) than a cronut and with more flavor options than a cragel, the “mufgel” is a muffin-bagel hybrid born from the mind of Brooklyn bagel genius Scot Rossillo (also godfather of the cragel).

Rossillo, owner of The Bagel Store and the mastermind behind both the rainbow bagel and the “pookie” (half pie crust, half cookie), created the mufgel after this Quick Draw radio commercial parodied New York food trends and joked about a fictional “mufgel,” Delish reports.

Mozzarella cheese pizza mufgel with sundried tomato cream cheese, anyone?

How about a Fruity Pebbles mufgel with funfetti cream cheese?

The mufgel consists of a crunchy muffin top (obviously the best part of the muffin) and a soft bagel bottom, and you can fill it with any variety of cream cheese imaginable.

For a real artery-clogger, try the “Mon”: A mashup of the mufgel and the pookie, filled with Oreo cream cheese and cotton candy.

We’re not sure whether to say YIKES! or YUM! Tell us what you think!