Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 28, 2017 @ 5:29 pm
white Clam Pizza
Credit: Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Yikes, y’all. We apologize in advance, but what we’re about to say might turn your stomachs. So, now that we’ve sufficiently warned you, what are your thoughts on peas and mayonnaise as pizza toppings? Could you imagine yourselves rolling up to your nearest pizza joint and spending a little extra coin to make sure you have this veggie-condiment combo added to your pie? Um, we cannot. And neither can the internet, which is generally repulsed by how gross these unusual pizza toppings look.

If we could say anything to the person who thought peas and mayonnaise were the best pizza toppings, we’d say “WHYYYY?” while clawing our faces out of extreme disgust and horror.

Fine, misguided pizza-topping proposal guy — we’ll play devil’s advocate for a second. So, sometimes life feels SO redundant that you’re left with no choice but to find unique ways to spice things up a bit. Before you know it, you start by getting creative with your pizza, right?

Well, that’s all good, but we can 100 percent guarantee you this pea-mayo sitch *isn’t* the way to go about it. Like, we almost feel like this unthinkable culinary non-delight is the greatest example of internet trolling we’ve seen in a while.

Sorry, pizza dude. You might’ve meant well, but it seems that absolutely no one can condone this food fuckery:

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Tough crowd. Maybe he learned a lesson?

We can’t be positive, but we hope so. Someone get Gordon Ramsay on the line so we can get this unfortunate pizza recipe the expletive-laden smackdown it rightfully deserves.