Briana Hansen
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 10:44 am

Sure, coffee is fun to drink for the social aspect of it. But if we’re being honest, we don’t usually go to Starbucks to chat up our barista. That’s just an added benefit. No, we go to Starbucks to get some serious caffeine in our system so we can wake up the badass #girlboss sleeping inside of us.

And staring at the elaborate coffee menu can sometimes get overwhelming. After all, it’s often done before that first bit of coffee to wake us up. And, for many people, a little shot of espresso just isn’t going to do the trick.

Luckily for all of us, the most caffeinated beverage on the menu is really simple to order.

Despite how fun “Frappuccino” and “Cappuccino” are to say, those drinks don’t typically contain a lot of caffeine. In fact, according to, your average Venti Cappuccino will only deliver 150 mg of caffeine. And if you absolutely need to drink your coffee with lots of milk, the most caffeinated option is the Venti Latte Macchiato, which will get you about 225 mg of caffeine.

But for those of you who need that intense caffeinated kick, stick with the regular old brewed coffee.

A Venti Pike Place brewed coffee will deliver a solid 415 mg of caffeine to your system. The same size of Clover brewed coffee has even more, netting about 445 mg of caffeine.

And the big caffeinated winner? A Venti Blonde Roast brewed coffee.

That simple (and delicious) drink is filled with a solid 475 mg of coffee.

That should be enough caffeine to put some pep into anyone’s step.