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A little while back, I headed over to superstar chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster up in Harlem for a foodie event with Marcus and Chef Maxime Billot. Maxime and Marcus talked to a group of 40 or so kids from nearby schools, educating them on sustainable food, modernist cuisine and the importance of cooking and fresh produce. Both advocates of healthy food education and teaching young kids and teens the importance of watching what you eat and getting involved in the kitchen, the two chefs led the demonstration and tasting beautifully and the kids seemed to be incredibly interested and enthused.

Maxime, the author of Modernist Cuisine At Home, taught the kids how to make dishes such as “Carbonated Grapes”, “Modernist Mac and Cheese” and “Popping Chocolate” – all delicious dishes that were approachable, healthy and enjoyable. Being roughly the same age as the kids attending the demonstration and so involved in food, I was so excited that Marcus and Maxime organized something that was fun for the kids, educational and really got them involved and interested in food and cooking.

Both chefs are truly amazing at what they do and are so incredibly passionate about their food and recipes, which was why the demonstration was so great. The kids really responded to both of their love for food and began to share their experiences and stories with the two chefs. Below is Maxime’s recipe for Mac+Cheese and I strongly urge you to check out both Maxime and Marcus’ books: Yes Chef and Modernist Cuisine at Home!