Johnni Macke
May 21, 2016 2:59 pm

There is a new M&M’s flavor based on a summertime favorite that you need to taste. The Mars company is jumping on the s’mores bandwagon this season, but their tasty take will have all the flavors of the campfire go-to dessert, but without any of the mess.

While chestnuts roasting on an open fire is a sign that it’s Christmas, marshmallows roasting over a fire means it’s summer! What’s better than a torched marshmallow on a summer’s night? The smoky white marshmallow smashed between two graham crackers and chocolate pieces, duh. Now that it’s summer (well, almost) everyone is joining in on the summer treat and M&M’s is the latest product to get into the s’mores game.


Based on the packaging, there will be three different colors in bags of M&M’s s’mores-flavored small candies. The best part is that the M&M’s will be a twist on the crispy version (which was very popular in the ’90s) of the famous bit-sized candy. This should definitely add to the s’mores taste we are all used to, getting us that graham cracker texture.

Usually the only time we see a s’more is at summer camp or at a bonfire — unless it’s National S’mores Day — but now you can have s’mores all summer long, no fire needed, by visiting your local grocery store. We have yet to find out if you are supposed to eat each color one by one, or all together for the most authentic flavor, but we’re willing to buy a bag and experiment to find out!

Mars isn’t the only company giving their products the campfire treatment. Starbucks has officially brought back their memorable S’mores Frappuccino, which is basically summertime in a cup. Both s’mores-tastic treats are available now, so eat and drink up!

Which M&M’s flavor is your favorite?