Toria Sheffield
December 25, 2016 7:49 am
Mindy Kaling/

If the holidays are about one thing, it’s love. If they’re about two things, it’s about love and FOOD. And Mindy Kaling’s Insta pic of her Hanukkah dinner is giving us major meal envy.

Now we’re no strangers to obsessing over Mindy’s Instagram account/life in general. She’s been giving us major style inspo lately with her various sweaters (which might not sound exciting, but trust us, she looked amaze), as well as routinely makes us LOL in general.

And today she gave us yet another reason to wish we were her — or at least her BFF for life who gets to spend all our time with her. Take a look at this Hanukkah fusion feast:

Dal, prime rib, kugal, coconut green beans, AND latkes?!?! Mindy is doing the holidays RIGHT! Seriously, we’re starting to majorly regret not thinking of this for our own lives this week.

ALSO, aside from the food, what we truly love most is the spirit of Mindy’s message. “I hope yours is full of different cultures and new ways of celebrating and you found it as enjoyable as I did.”

Here, here Mindy. Because at the end of the day, the holidays are about joy and love, and what better way to embrace one another’s differences than sitting down to a meal together?

Happy Holidays, guys!