September is looking to be a pretty incredible month for those of us who love Mindy Kaling. Firstly, The Mindy Project’s fourth season will begin streaming on Hulu on September 15th. (Thank you again, Hulu gods, for ensuring that we get at least one more season of Danny Castellano’s beautiful weirdness.) Secondly, Mindy’s new book, Why Not Me, also drops on the 15th, and we can’t wait. Finally—and perhaps, most importantly—we can now eat a burger created by Mindy herself!

The burger, which has been conceived through a partnership with Umami Burger, costs $13 and became available on September first. According to People, The Mindy Burger is a beef patty topped with pickled jalapeños, meaning it’s going to have a bit of a kick. There are also fried onion strings, a house-made sriracha aioli, and of course, white cheddar cheese—because Mindy knows us too well to deprive us of cheese.

As Kaling said, “I love Umami and I was so honored to be able to create my own burger. Spicy and cheesy, it reflects my own personality.”

While we have made peace with our gluttony and think that’s a sufficient enough reason for the creation of The Mindy Burger, there’s also a great cause that will benefit from its sale: for every one purchased, $1 will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The network works to advance research, support patients, and create hope for those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Now, you may be wondering how this combination of magical, famous burger purveyor/ TV series creator and star/ super great cause works. So, here it is: The Mindy burger is part of Umami Burger’s Artist Series, which asks a celebrity to invent a burger. In return, Umami gives a dollar for each burger sold to the charity of the celeb’s choosing. Fellow funny-person/ delightful human Andy Samberg created The Samberger as part of the series last year.

We suspect that, while we’re happy that proceeds from The Mindy Burger will go to help those in need, Mindy Kaling wouldn’t have needed a lot of motivation to create it: her love of fast-food and all things delicious is renowned. In fact, her most recent birthday celebration included a McDonald’s party.

While McDonald’s is definitely pleasing crowds by extending its breakfast menu, Umami Burger definitely has more of a reputation as a foodie paradise. As CEO of Umami Burger Paul Clayton astutely notes, “Mindy Kaling is a brilliant comedic talent, simultaneously fearless, sharp and approachable. Her culinary talents have a similar sensibility. The Mindy Burger will be popular with food lovers everywhere.”

We know we can’t wait to try it—but we’ll have to hurry, since it’s only available for a limited time!

(Image via FOX)