You remember the song “Milkshake,” right? It was arguably one of the top pop hits of 2003. And even though it’s not on the radio as much, singer Kelis finally shared her milkshake recipe. So if you want to know how to bring all the boys to the yard, you might want to listen up.

First, let’s reflect on the song a bit. “Milkshake” was reportedly written for Britney Spears, but she passed on it — and Kelis scooped it up. When recording it, she knew it’d be a hit, and made sure it was the leading single on her album Tasty. In 2004, the song was even nominated for a Grammy.

You’ve probably long been wondering what’s in this magical milkshake that makes the guys go crazy, right? She finally decided to teach us, and she didn’t even charge. It might be because Kelis is about to release her very first cookbook.

The singer has also been working with Bailey’s, so you better believe that her famous milkshake would include a little bit of the liqueur. It also includes key ingredients like chocolate ice cream, ginger beer, and ginger-infused whip cream. Yup, it sounds delicious.


Here’s how she makes it. She puts 8 ounces of ginger beer, 3 ounces of Baileys Irish Cream, 5 pieces of candied ginger slices, and 1/2 of a teaspoon cayenne in the blender after putting the ice cream in. After blending it well, she lines a glass rim with honey, which she then dips in chili cinnamon.


Of course, what’s a milkshake without a garnish?

Kelis tops it all off with ginger-infused whipped cream and a few more candied ginger slices. She then uses a gold straw to sip on her creation— but surely any milkshake-approved straw you have in your home will be just as good.

Next time we hear “Milkshake,” we’ll know exactly what she’s talking about.