Credit: Shutterstock

For a fast food joint that made its name selling burgers, Burger King has come up with some pretty wild stuff throughout the years. Grilled hot dogs. Buttered cheeseburgers. Halloween Whoppers. Chips Ahoy S’mores shakes (okay, that one actually sounds pretty amazing). But their new menu item might take the cake.

Introducing: Burger King chicken fries rings. They’re like onion rings, but they’re made of chicken fries. Yum? The original chicken fries have been on and off the menu, but people love them so much, they’re here to stay. Chicken fries are so popular, they’e spawned spinoffs like fiery chicken fries, and now chicken fries rings.

It’s really happening, people. The rings (or are they fries?) have even started popping up on Instagram.

If chicken fries are your thing, definitely try ‘em out in ring form. But hurry, because they’re only here for a limited time!