Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 21, 2017 @ 12:09 pm
Credit: Pexels

Okay, we knew the Oscars official after party would be fancy and everything, but we just got a sneak peek of the Oscars Governers Ball menu put together by Wolfgang Puck…and our mouths are watering uncontrollably because it includes literally ALL of our favorite foods.

Among the 50 dishes are homemade pretzels, lobster corn dogs, black truffle chicken pot pie, baked mac and cheese, and gold-dusted truffle popcorn!

Granted we’ve never had popcorn dusted with gold (or infused with truffle) but it sounds AAAAAAMAZING and we’re eating it right now in a fantasy role-play.

via giphyAs if that’s not noteworthy enough, clearly a lot of careful thought and preparation went into the menu. There will be an ice raw bar serving sushi and vegan options that are as inspired as the non-vegan dishes. We’ve never heard of carrot-juice infused pasta, but it sounds so yummmmmmm.

via giphyThen there’s DESSERT, which is on a whole other level. It consists of lava cakes, multiple gelato and sorbet flavors, red velvet waffles, and gourmet cake balls — made to order.

Oh, and that’s in addition to the chocolate buffet, where guests can eat yummy treats like caramel cappuccino lollipops that look like Oscar statues, Oreo s’mores, and festive chocolate bonbons.

This is making us hungry!

via giphyWhat must one do to score an invite to the Oscars party? WHO DO WE HAVE TO CALL?! Officially appealing for help (please and thank you). BRB…it’s definitely snack time (AKA our favorite time of day).