jessica tholmer
September 02, 2015 12:24 pm

If you are anything like me, you had no idea that Mean Girls would be so popular 11 years after its debut. For many reasons (its smartness, Tina Fey, the way it communicates a really important message about friendship and feminism), we are obsessed with Mean Girls, and always will be. And now we can express our obsession with…Mean Girls candy.

Dylan’s Candy Bar —an adorable little candy company— released a Mean Girls candy line, and it’s available for mass consumption now. The candy comes in 15 different varieties, all expertly crafted to please the fiercest of Mean Girls fans. Basically all of your favorite lines from the movie will now be solidified in candy form. Why not reward your friends with some “You Go Glen Coco” hot chocolate? OR if you are the Glen Coco in your group, deny them access to your goods. None for the Gretchen Weiners in your life, bye.

Sound fetch? That’s because it is. Here’s what some of the candy and sweets products look like:

Karen’s Belgian milk chocolate 

Special bars when you’re on an ALL CARB DIET:

And in case you need a Burn Book cookie in your life, here you go.

This line is so much more than candy, though. Dylan’s Candy Bar is teaming up with Paramount Pictures in order to sell everything Mean Girls, which is fine by us. Did you know you needed a plastic wine tumbler that says “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”? Well, you do, and now you can have it. Also, if you don’t work in a regular office, but a cool office, why not cop that “On Wednesdays, we eat pink candy” shirt? It’s really perfect for the Mean Girls dress code.


Get your shopping on before Aaron Samuels asks you what day it is next month!

Images , Karen GIF via, Aaron GIF via, Dylan’s Candy Bar