Cross this off the list, because we’ve just unlocked one of life’s greatest mysteries. Does the shape of the McDonald’s McFlurry spoon keep you up at night? Well, not anymore. It’s secret is no more, and we now know the reason as to why it’s so oddly square-shaped and also hollow. It’s all about how the McFlurry becomes the McFlurry.

If you’ve ever had a McFlurry before, you know that it’s a swirled ice cream and it’s delicious. It also comes with an odd plastic spoon, with a big ol’ hole in the middle of it, because ??? Tell me you haven’t wondered about this before. All McFlurry’s (McFlurries?) are like this. So, what’s the deal?

Now, there’s an answer. The spoon is shaped like that, hollow and square, because it’s how the McFlurry is MIXED TOGETHER. The ice cream is put in the cup, the toppings on top of that, and then the spoon is inserted. THEN, the spoon is hooked into a magical McFlurry making machine that spins and spins and swirls it all together.

[Images via McDonalds and Tumblr; h/t BuzzFeed]