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Internationally, McDonald’s is constantly stepping up its fry game. Last year, McDonald’s Singapore introduced truffle fries. Then, Australia offered customers the option for “loaded fries” — with either a guacamole and salsa combo or a bacon and cheese sauce option.

And now things are getting even more delicious internationally (and TBH, a little weird). McDonald’s Japan has created limited edition fries that are Halloween-themed.

Because when it comes to Halloween, anything goes. Even a mystery purple drizzle on top of your fries.

Well… the purple drizzle isn’t actually a mystery, because we know what it’s made out of, but it’s definitely eerie. The new “Halloween Witch” fries are drizzled in a purple sauce that’s made out of purple sweet potatoes (or maybe it’s witch brains… those are purple, right?). The fries are also drizzled with a chocolate sauce, making them both a lil’ sweet and a lil’ savory.

Japan has already been selling fries with an orange pumpkin and chocolate drizzle — not to be confused with the pumpkin spice flavor that America knows so well.

Clearly, Japan is super ready for fall and everything it has to offer.

The pumpkin fries have been available since September 28th — but unless you live in Japan, don’t get too attached. They won’t be available anywhere other than Japan for now. As for the price, the fantastical fries cost 330 yen/$3.18 per order.

Also, this isn’t the first time McDonald’s Japan has offered a Halloween-themed item. Back in 2014, they offered a pair of Halloween-themed burgers and a Pumpkin Oreo McFlurry. (YUM.)

According to BrandEating, the Witch fries will be available at locations throughout Japan beginning October 19th through the end of the month. (We’ll just be hopping on our brooms and heading over to Japan STAT.)