This is the difference between McDonald’s and Chipotle customers

Most of us may think of fast food as a quick way to grab lunch or satisfy a craving, but as it turns out, whether you reach for a Big Mac or a burrito may say more about you than you’d think. A new poll by YouGov polled UK consumers who frequent Chipotle and McDonald’s to see what they had in common. The results are pretty crazy, and weirdly specific.

Both restaurants draw women between the ages of 25 and 39 years old with a little cash to burn each month. But from there, things get a little personal.

For example, McDonald’s costumers are more likely to count “sitting around doing as little as possible” among their niche interests and if they have a pet it’s likely a fish. Micky D’s fans like playing video games, and are interested in celebrities and mobile apps.

Meanwhile, Chipotle customers are cat people who like New York State and snooker. Chipotle fangirls and guys apparently like to cook more than McDonald’s customers, donating to charities, and dancing. You can see the full charts here. 

So how much did they get right? Are you a McDonald’s loving dart player? Or are you more the type to enjoy Chipotle while online shopping?

(Images via Shutterstock)