McDonald’s. Known for crispy golden fries and their quick in-and-out fast food model… Until now! Behold, the weirdest thing McDonald’s has done since they removed their wildly popular dollar menu: Table Service.

In 600 McDonald’s venues throughout California, McDonald’s will be testing out wait service. Here’s how it works if you go to one of these new funky venues: you’ll still go up to the counter in the old fashioned McDonald’s way. You’ll order your food, same as always. You’ll then go find a table —but here’s how the new model switches things up a bit: you will have to wait for someone to bring your food to you, instead of getting it yourself.

Canada actually started implementing these changes a couple of months ago. This fall they began hiring 15,000 more employees in order to revamp the franchise with the wait staff, as well as kiosks where customers can personalize their orders on their own.

The California franchises will also be adding more options so that people can customize their McDonald’s experience. The chain is adding a Taste Craft Burgers and Chicken menu, which allows you to pick a beef or chicken patty, as well as a choice from three different buns, and a bunch of different toppings far fancier than McDonald’s usual fare — like guacamole. You guys, McDonald’s is adding guacamole to their menu. What is happening to the world?

The decision as to whether or not the table service campaign will go national depends entirely upon the way California reacts to the changes. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Image via Shutterstock)