Olivia Harvey
Updated Oct 20, 2017 @ 12:36 pm

The internet has been tricked by its favorite fast food chain, and to that we say: ‘Tis the season! On Sunday, McDonald’s UK posted an optical illusion to its Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the image is pretty much blowing people’s minds.

The chain asked customers on social media to “Tag a mate who should read between the lines…”. McDonald’s then shared a series of vertical lines that faintly reveals a secret…and delicious…missive.

Can you read what the hidden message says?

HINT: Let your eyes relax and lose focus instead of trying to look too hard at what’s in front of you. false

Did you see it? “Bring McNuggets”!

McDonald’s wasn’t holding back when fans started tagging and commenting on the post. Whoever is behind the Facebook account over at McDonald’s headquarters was at the ready.

Credit: McDonald's / www.facebook.com

Everyone who commented was putting themselves at risk of being roasted by McDonald’s — which is honestly a lifelong dream of ours. So like, congrats?

Credit: McDonald's / www.facebook.com
Credit: McDonald's / www.facebook.com
Credit: McDonald's / www.facebook.com

And if you’re expecting an apology from McDonald’s after your eyes suffered from their trickery, don’t get your hopes up. #SorryNotSorry.

Credit: McDonald's / www.facebook.com

And yes, we’re currently tagging everyone we’ve ever met. We need those nugs, stat! Keep the hilarity coming, Mickey D’s. We’re ready to get roasted.