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Not to be outdone, McDonalds has followed Burger King’s black burger with something equally as unappetizing: a grey burger. Specifically, the burger comes from McDonald’s China, and they’re calling it the Modern Chinese Burger. I’m calling it “I applaud your culinary efforts, but I think I’m going to pass on this one.”

In theory, it doesn’t sound too bad. The meal is composed of a pork patty with lettuce, bacon, and a yellow dressing. All that sounds fine–good even. But sandwiching it between two grey buns? That’s where I draw the line.

First off, grey? While I’m a big fan of grey when it comes to sweaters and paint swatches, it definitely isn’t the color I want my food to be.

Second, have we forgotten what happened when people ate the Black Whopper? The only thing scarier than neon green poop is otherworldly silver poop (I’d imagine).

But who cares what I think? Certainly not McDonald’s. Maybe everyone else thinks this grey burger is just another fun treat in a line of experimental foods. Also, looks are no indication of taste, as evidenced by things like grits and chili, two food items that don’t look appetizing, but in actuality are the yummiest.

The Modern Chinese Burger is slated to have a limited run, hanging out on menus until November 3rd, and people are already giving it a try, and taking to social media to give us a first-hand look at the creation.

Enjoy your grey burgers, guys, I’m sticking to Chicken McNuggets.


Images via Instagram