Angelica Florio
October 15, 2017 11:14 am
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Millennials get such a bad rap. But sometimes, that reputation is quite fun to play with. That’s exactly what many people on Twitter are doing right now, after Inc. reported that new McDonald’s burgers would feature “millennials’ favorite ingredients.” The best part is, that the Inc. article whose headline everyone is making jokes about actually was published in July when McDonald’s announced its kale and Sriracha burgers.

Considering that McDonald’s Szechuan sauce’s role in Rick and Morty caused such an uproar recently, it’s surprising that the McDonald’s ingredient that Inc. claimed is millennials’ favorite isn’t Szechuan. But Twitter users have even more creative ideas for what a perfect ingredient for millennials would be.

Here’s the original tweet that’s causing such a stir.

At least Inc. wasn’t reporting something like CNN‘s report that millennials can’t afford houses because they eat too much avocado toast. Those are also pretty fun to make fun of, though. Twitter struck back again this time, too, and users didn’t hold back when suggesting the actual things that millennials crave.

Rather than stick to food, some of the ingredients Twitter users claimed that millennials desire are more, well, conceptual.

The burgers might not be able to help you with your loans but, at least they’re spicy? Others were more philosophical than something as simple as kale.

Um, yes, I’ll have a burger and fries with a side of emotional fulfillment and career satisfaction, please.

And sure, some just made fun of silly millennial habits, also.

Selfies are life, okay? One person pointed out that it’s crazy for an article to suggest that millennials want an ingredient that’s not avocados.

They are costing millennials their homes, after all. The least McDonald’s could do is add some to their burgers, jeez.

And another user made fun of brands’ incessant pandering to millennials.

Millennials do love their fidget spinners, and it seems like Gen Z might like them too, so maybe this isn’t a bad idea.

Also, it’s worth noting that McDonald’s has created their own trendy memes, so fidget spinners could very well be next.

Possibly the funniest aspect of these great Tweets is that everyone is responding to a headline that ran three months ago, but it just shows how tenacious Twitter users are when it comes to making jokes. If there can be a joke-session about what out-of-touch brands think millennials might want, it will happen on Twitter.