Updated Mar 31, 2017 @ 5:07 pm
Credit: Getty Images/Alain Le Bot

McDonald’s is planning to cut beverage prices in response to declining sales amid a nationwide fast-food slump.

Beginning in April, the fast-food giant will offer $1 sodas of any size and small $2 McCafé items ranging from smoothies to expresso and frappe drinks, according to Bloomberg. The promotion will run for a limited time, but there is no word on when the deal will conclude.

McDonald’s has relied on food promotions on the past with offers like two-for-$2 menu items, but this latest move under CEO Steve Easterbrook turns the attention to beverages.

“Demand has been a little weak,” Jack Russo, analyst at Edward D. Jones & Co, told Bloomberg. “A lot of these guys think they’ve got to keep promoting to keep people coming in the door.”

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This article originally appeared in Money.