Credit: Instagram/McDonalds

Considering we’re all on the internet, we are well aware of the fact that human beings can be very … creative … in ways most unexpected. Especially when it comes to debasing McDonalds holiday cups, which people are freaking TF out about on Reddit right now for the most juvenile of reasons — and thanks to one ~ creative ~ McDonalds cup artist, the JV behavior just got so, so much worse.

In case you missed all the hubbub earlier this week, this is the 2016 edition of the McDonalds holiday cup which, at first glance, looks innocent enough. You’ve got mittens, stars, snowflakes, perfectly drizzled chocolate sauce over that peppermint mocha — we see no issues here, is what we’re saying.

Credit: McDonalds/Twitter

But since the internet is the internet, some folks — including former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville — began to notice that, with a little bit of editing, the mittens on the cups look a little less mitten-y. In fact, they pretty much looks like butts.

The internet then began similarly editing their own cups in spades … and recently, one anonymous human on Imgur made it so, so, so much worse with a tiny hole and some GIF magic.

Are your eyes bleeding yet?! Are you unable to stop looking? Are you questioning everything you thought you knew about McDonalds, cups, mittens, butts, the space-time continuum, and life itself?

Don’t worry, we’re with you. Just keep staring, and enjoy your holidays.