McDonald’s just addressed this conspiracy theory about their Coke in their latest ad

Taste the difference? Mindy Kaling can!

For those of you who may be unaware, McDonald’s is like a home away from home for Mindy Kaling. She’s spent Fourth of July there. Heck, she’s even spent her birthday there. Basically, McDonald’s wouldn’t be her unofficial happy place if their offerings weren’t damn delicious, which is why Mindy Kaling partnered up with the brand to settle an age-old debate: if Coke ~really~ tastes better at McDonald’s or not.

Ask Mindy, and all you’ve got to do is search the web for the answer!

Okay, so this McDonald’s ad is genius for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we love us some Mindy Kaling. And whenever the Mindy Project goddess speaks, we listen. She’s been Mickey D’s perfect spokeswomen all along if you ask us.

What’s more, this is one of McDonald’s first jabs at unbranded marketing, AKA, there is no mention of the word “McDonald’s” or even a logo in sight. Mindy is dressed in the color of the golden arches and is set against a red backdrop, but apart from that, the Mickey D’s branding is at zilch. No McDonald’s wrappers, no Happy Meal, no Coca-Cola; nada. And yeah, we kind of like the not so in-your-face nature of the ad.

What’s more, McDonald’s partners with one of their brand BFFs, Coco-Cola, in the funny ad that we can ~actually~ relate to. And by asking viewers to Google “That place where Coke tastes SO good,” you’d best believe they’re capitalizing on zillions of Google search results.

Like we said: Genius!

Oh, and by the way…we took Mindy’s advice and Googled that place where coke tastes SO good. And we did find some research into the matter that choked up the taste difference to pre-chilled syrup and great filtration systems. But still, we’re going to stick with this logic: McDonald’s Coca-Cola tastes better than the rest because Mindy says so, people!

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