Kit Steinkellner
Updated Apr 18, 2015 @ 1:02 pm

In “My stomach just started RUMBLING” news, this Monday, FirstWeFeast reports that McDonald’s is going to be testing out an all-day breakfast meal at its San Diego locations. Those lucky SoCal-ers will be able to order nine of Mickey-D’s brekkie items, including McMuffins, hash browns, and hot cakes.

“We know our customers love McDonald’s breakfast and they tell us they’d like to enjoy it beyond the morning hours,” McDonald’s said in a statement. “We look forward to learning from this test, and it’s premature to speculate on any outcomes. We’re excited to serve our customers in this area some of McDonald’s great-tasting breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and other favorites all day long.”

Oh Food Gods, hear our prayers, please let all-day McDonald’s breakfast become a thing everywhere. Here are a list of reasons why McDonald’s should make all-day breakfast available to the masses.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day

What’s going to go head to head with hotcakes? A sandwich. A SALAD? Don’t make me laugh

A McMuffin is basically a sandwich, you can totally eat a McMuffin for lunch

It’s got bread, it’s got stuff between the bread, I mean, it’s way awesomer than a sandwich, but it still qualifies on a technicality.

Hashbrowns make everything better

Are you in the middle of a quarter-life crisis? Did your heart just get broken by some jerk? Are you just having a blah day? Hashbrowns, my child, hashbrowns will cure all ills.

As long as you’re open 24 hours a day…

Why don’t you just make all the food you’re going to make anyway but do it all day long?

Happy Meals with breakfast items

Humanity might not be able to stand all that amaze.

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