Teri Wilson
Updated Feb 22, 2016 @ 11:40 am
Credit: Shutterstock

Bad news for breakfast lovers…McDonald’s has gotten rid of its Big Breakfast menu item! But before you freak out, just know that this change was only made in the UK. (Cue the entire U.S. breathing a sigh of relief.)

The Big Breakfast is basically everything you’d ever want for your morning meal all piled onto one plate. Scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and a toasted English muffin, all for $3.39. If that sounds amazing to you, you should probably head over to McDonald’s pretty fast. In the past, when the restaurant has considered changing things up, they test out the idea overseas before sending us Americans into a fast food-deprived panic.

We’re really hoping the Big Breakfast will be sticking around here in the States, though. If removing it from the menu in England was a test run, it’s not going over so well.

We’re actually starting to feel a little bad for McDonald’s. They’re facing some major backlash from British breakfast enthusiasts. The company is making an effort to respond to the angry tweets, but that’s not going so well either.

For real, guys. Things are getting serious. Customers in Manchester are even starting a petition to bring the Big Breakfast back. Godspeed, angry Brits. We wish you much success. In the meantime, we’re shoveling down a Big Breakfast.

While we still can.