Drinking green tea is great and all, but I suddenly have a hankering for for Starbucks matcha pudding now that I’ve received word the treat is available at Starbucks locations in Japan. The company announced the news in an Instagram post with a caption stating that there are three kinds of package designs.

A look at the photo shows that the packages are designed to resemble small, lime green Starbucks coffee cups. They each have a different pattern and, in keeping with the company’s trend of including inspirational quotes (don’t lie — you love them) they are captioned with one of three quotes: “It’s time to start!” “Make someone’s day,” and “Each day is a gift.”

When this treat (hopefully) makes its way to America, we shouldn’t be afraid to indulge — because matcha has serious health benefits, including an abundance of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. Plus, it possesses calming and mood-enhancing properties.

Most of the best matcha in the world comes from Japan, so it’s fitting that Starbucks chose to debut the pudding there. (But we’d still like it on the menus stateside, please and thank you.)

What shall we do until then? Well, luckily, we still have plenty of matcha drink options in America — on both the regular menu and the “secret” menu.

In February, the Matcha Pink Drink became an Instagram sensation — and last summer’s off-the-menu “Green Drink,” which consists of black tea, matcha, and coconut milk, was also a huge hit.

Fingers crossed that we’ll be eating matcha pudding in America sooner rather than later. I mean, we need those matcha health benefits STAT.