Olivia Harvey
Updated December 07, 2017

O Christmas Tree Frappuccino, o Christmas Tree Frappuccino. How lovely is your calorie count? As of December 7th, Starbucks is offering its Christmas Tree Frappuccino blended beverage for a very limited time. So before the Starbucks drink disappears on December 11th, we need to know how many calories it contains in order to structure our entire diet around it for the next four days.


If it tastes like Christmas and looks like a Christmas tree, then it’s necessary, in our opinion, to drink 20 ASAP. But can we afford the caloric cost of inhaling several Christmas Tree Frappuccinos in a matter of days?

Thankfully, the Starbucks website doesn’t shy away from the hard truth. According to the Christmas Tree Frappuccino’s nutrition facts sheet, each bedazzled blended beverage contains 300+ calories. Hmm — maybe we’ll remove the zero from the 20 drinks we were planning to ingest.

Of course, the calorie count of the Christmas Tree Frappuccino fluctuates depending on the beverage’s size and your choice of milk. For example, the least detrimental Christmas Tree Frappuccino order is a tall with nonfat milk. This order contains an even 300 calories.

But if you’re more of a grande gal or guy, a Grande Christmas Tree Frap with nonfat milk contains 390 calories. If you swap out the nonfat milk for whole, you’re looking at a 420 calorie drink.

For you venti-lovers out there, a Venti Iced Christmas Tree Frap with nonfat milk will cost you 450 calories, and a venti iced with whole milk racks up a whopping 490 calories.

It’s a bit of a pick-your-poison scenario, but hey — it’s the holidays! Treat yo’ self! These beauties are only going to be around for a few days, so drink up while you have the chance.