Angelica Florio
December 03, 2017 2:39 pm

Welcome to the ultimate life hack, and also a compelling argument for buying a SodaStream. Soon, you’ll be able to make sparkling wine with your SodaStream. On November 27th, SodaStream announced its new limited edition concentrate called Sparkling Gold that allows owners to turn water into wine. The result? A bubbly, fruity wine that closely resembles a Riesling.

Here’s how it works: One part Sparkling Gold concentrate added to five parts sparkling water creates a drink that’s 10% alcohol by volume. As if that’s not enough to turn you into a SodaStreamer, according to the company’s press release, a 200ml bottle of Sparkling Gold makes 12 glasses of the fizzy drink. So for anyone who likes enjoying their wine on the cheap, this seems like a great way to do that. Since sparkling wine is one of the latest and greatest wine trends — along with orange wine (yes, that’s a thing now) — this new SodaStream concentrate will likely be on everyone’s Christmas list. Well, everyone with access to it, that is.

The only bit of bad news about SodaStream wine is that, as of now, it’s only available in Germany. The good news, however, is that during its testing, the product had incredible results. So hopefully that means Sparkling Gold will become available in other parts of the world too.

Sparkling wine lovers who are wary about drinking a “made from concentrate” Riesling shouldn’t be. Sparkling Gold has great reviews!

SodaStream’s press release announcing the new product gave promising stats, too. According to the company, “76% of people surveyed enjoyed the taste of SodaStream ‘Sparkling Gold’ as much as or more than French champagne brands ‘Moet & Chardon’ and ‘Veuve Clicquot.'”

Sounds très bien, if you ask us.

Regardless of its taste, the amount of bubbly that one bottle of concentrate makes could likely convince anyone that this is a great invention.

For reference, a wine bottle is 750 mL. On average, that makes five or six glasses of wine. The fact that one 200 ml bottle of Sparkling Gold yields 12 glasses means that SodaStream is literally turning water into wine and saving SodaStream users money.

It’s basically every sparkling wine lover’s dream come true.

Hopefully, SodaStream will offer their Sparkling Gold concoction to the rest of the world soon. This is not something they should hold out on, considering how amazing it is. If you don’t already have a SodaStream, you might want to consider getting one!