Kenya Foy
December 06, 2016 11:25 am
Cody's Lab /

Because sometimes life gets boring and prompts us to find a new approach to performing random tasks, here’s a Cody’s Lab that shows us how to make popcorn in a vacuum chamber. You’re probably thinking whyyy would anyone do this?! Well DUH, because it’s interesting and fun and maybe, just maybe, this experimenting individual wanted to find out if this method was more effective than making popcorn with a hair straightener (which actually happened, btw).

That said, we’ll give you until the next National Popcorn Day to come up with a more ingenious way of transforming kernels into edible, butter-drenched snacks. Until then, take a seat and watch the master of making popcorn with an industrial vacuum demonstrate this incomparable skill:

Now that we have scientific proof that cooking popcorn in a vacuum produces larger corn (did you see how big and fluffy they were YUMMM), we’re off to put this method to the test without accidentally sucking off our eyebrows in the process.