February 21, 2017 2:54 pm

What could be better than a comforting dish of mac ‘n’ cheese on a cold day, a packet of cheesy Cheetos as an afternoon snack, or a delicious doughnut for dessert?

A mac n’ cheese Cheetos-covered doughnut, that’s what.

The stars of a new episode of “JP Cooks Weird Stuff,” shared by Youtube account HellthyJunkFood, have managed to make just that—a giant, mac n’ cheese filled doughnut, covered in fluorescent orange Cheetos dust. After a couple of days of stirring, sprinkling, freezing and deep fat frying, the bizarre creation looks surprisingly appetizing.

Even if you attempt to make the epic dish at home, at 8,950 calories, according to the YouTubers, it’s highly recommended that this mac/cheese/Cheetos/doughnut combo doesn’t become your regular packed lunch. Still, as lead chef Julia explains: “This will give you high blood pressure, but at least you’ll be a happy person.”

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This article originally appeared in Money.