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McDonald’s has been making a lot of changes lately, like eliminating the wraps from the menu forever, table service,and all-you-can-eat fries. It also recently introduced something called the Giga Big Mac in stores in Japan — which is basically a Big Mac on steroids.

Well once again, McDonald’s is making a change. The iconic Big Mac is going through what you might call a makeunder for first time since it’s birth in 1976. The iconic burger is being downsized from a two patty sandwich to a one patty sandwich. The new addition will be known as… ready for it… the Mac Jr. Both adorable and fitting.

Put another way, the Mac Jr. is basically the opposite of the four beef patties that make up the Giga Big Mac.

From left to right: Mac Jr., Big Mac, Giga Big Mac
From left to right: Mac Jr., Big Mac, Giga Big Mac
| Credit: McDonald's

The Mac Jr. was designed with the intent to serve people with smaller appetites and those on the go, according to Business Insider, andwill sell between $2.39 and $2.59. For now, the new burger is being tested at hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants in central Ohio and Dallas, where they’ll be available through June 6 before going nationwide later this year.

Those same cities will also be testing another burger called Grand Mac, which has one-third of a pound of beef, two slices of cheese and a larger bun. (To put things into perspective, the current Big Mac has one-fifth of a pound of beef.)

That’s a lot of beef. And between the Mac Jr and the Grand Mac, that’s a lot of new burgers to try!